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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Person -al- ity?

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"Well if you're not going to talk to me I'm going to talk to my orange" - Adam (my 14-year-old brother).

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oooh RoOd Blog!

"This rating was determined based on the presences of the following words:
porn 16x
cunt 2x
anal 1x"

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Burial ground, The Definite Article and other adventures

Another baby gecko died. Got stuck on the tape again. Yet to bury it. Quite a collection I have out there. Two dead baby geckos, soon to be three and a dead mouse. Starting to wonder if I'm cursed or something.

The new student magazine, of which I am a sub-editor for, is now out. The Definite Article, seems more political and arty than the two other student magazines, Sticks and Stones and Universe, floating around Queensland unis at the moment. I'm hoping to get a bit more solid news content in it next issue. If anyone's interested in a copy, let me know and I'll send you one.

Enjoyed The Gluten-Free Expo thoroughly last Saturday, and discovered oodles of gluten free stores and stockists in the area. Went home with a sore tummy from eating waaaaay too much.

Our broadband was down for about a week, recently. Wild IT has appalling customer service. Be warned!

Apparently Adam is much more settled at school now. He's doing quite well. I can't believe he's starting college next year. I feel so old.

Hmmm that should be enough to keep you all updated.
I'll try not to kill any more animals, promise!

"Well if you're not going to talk to me I'm going to talk to my orange" - Adam (my 14-year-old brother).

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May's Funniest Porn Titles

Firstly, last month's votes were:
Desci said: "it's rubbing muffs and negro problems all round (the first for its innocence - just rubbing - the second for the colonial title)"

Tech Head Fred said: "I vote 'Fucky Fucky My Asian Ass' for March and 'Licked and Dicked by Gonzo the Clown' for April.
Not sure why, just they sound the most off-beat to me..."

One day we may actually get a clear winner...

Now this month's titles:

'Cum Drink My Vintage Wine'
I like to think that drinking wine can be a classy pursuit, nothing classy about this pursuit, though.

'Liquid Diet 2'
More of the beverage theme. Guess that's how the porn stars keep their figures.

'The Female Gardener'
A gardener who's female, yep.

'Sextreme Surf Bodies'
To the sextreme!!!

'Skeet Skeet Skeet'
I don't even know what that means.

Vote away my prettys!


Saturday, March 31, 2007

Double Funniest Porn Titles!

I am a lazy blogger. I am busy and I am sorry. But here is March and April's Funniest Porn Titles to make up for it. Enjoy!

Ooops! Somehow comments were disabled. Apologies. I have copied the first vote and posted it below.

March's Funniest Porn Titles

'Boob Bangers 2'
and mash?

'Coochie Cuttas'
Could be something you buy down at Bunnings for the garden.


'Fucky Fucky My Asian Ass'
Oh, what? No sucky, sucky?

"Rub My Muff 9"
Her 9th muff? Think I'll pass.

April's Funniest Porn Titles

'Crazy Big Asses'
At all related to the haunted asses?

'The British are Coming!'
Lay back and think of England.

'Licked and Dicked by Gonzo the Clown'
The guy on the cover is creepy. Creeeeeepy.

'Sharon Has a Negro Problem 4'
Hmm I can't make any comment here that's not racist. The title is funny. Deal.

'It's the Chicks'

Place a vote for each month, that's TWO votes.
Got it? Now Vote!


Thursday, March 22, 2007

'Family' Death

My brother's dad has died.
This doesn't personally effect me, but I'm most worried about Adam.
He sounded pretty good yesterday.
I know it's ok if he's not ok though.

um, feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions, I'm not comfortable going into any detail in a 'public' domain.


And that's why you work at Coles

Sign spotted at Coles Marsden:

Due to technical issue's this register is currently unavailable.

"Well if you're not going to talk to me I'm going to talk to my orange" - Adam (my 14-year-old brother).


Sunday, March 04, 2007


(ok, so I didn't post yesterday as promised, I'm sure you will cope)

I have much to blog about Canberra.
After Desci's exciting trip to Canberra, I had a trip of my own. Probably not as exciting considering I'd live there for my whole life and all, but it was still enjoyable.

Food and eating seemed to form a large part of it. I purchased some basil and sundried tomato bread from Deeks. Also indulging in some hazlenut biscuits. Before leaving, on Monday, I returned and tried 'the world's first gluten [and lactose] free meat pie'. Freakin' delicious.

Gran made me some rock cakes and the most divine chocolate nut torte. An awesome birthday cake indeed.

A visit to As Nature Intended at the Belconnen Markets involved the purchasement of Turtle Mountain Chocolate Obsession Icecream. Oh god! If you live in Canberra and you're vegan, lactose or gluten intolerant, buy this! Today!

It was excellent to see many of my friends. Chiara gave me a bottle of tequila, which was well utilised at my party. A million billion thanks to Flipe and Skye for letting me have it at their house and thanks to Casey for helping with invites.

Kerces gave me a book of 3024 Dirty Limericks. I read a great one at the party entitled 'The Feminist', which was somewhat appropriate to Kerces as it was about a journalist. Unfortunately, I can't find it again. So, here's another doozy from the crazy book:

The panties of old spinster Tweek
Dropped down in a mishap unique
At a twat exhibition-
It was judged mint condition
And it won the first prize for antique.

Adam and I had fun. It was fantastic watching Monty Python with him, Gran and Pop. Adam and Pop were laughing hysterically. The laughter of loved ones is so precious. Adam assisted me in buying food for my party and he didn't complain about not getting any of the junkfood. He helped carry heavy bags to the car without complaint. Adam also complimented my car - it was so sweet, "Pop's car isn't groovy like yours." He said for me to not tell Pop that he said that though.

Mum was, well, Mum, but she cheered up a bit on Monday. That was good :)

The house did not fall down around Andy in my absence. He successfully purchased a fridge and washing machine. He also bought a microwave but I contest the necessity of the purchase. My microwave was fine! The fridge is HUGE and I think we could both fit in it. Mum suggested that if we are ever poor and destitute we could live in the fridge.

There was a Samuel-Spotting, however I was saying goodbye to Mum at the time, as she got on the bus, so I couldn't get his autograph.

I'd forgotten how crazy Canberra busdrivers are. Nutters! Or, maybe Brisbane busdrivers are boring?

It was great to see those of you I did see (particularly awesome to see Julia and Lesley) and I look forward to seeing those of you I didn't in April! I think this time I might stay at Greg's, as he will be out of town and offered - it got a bit much staying at Gran and Pop's.

'Tis all.

"Well if you're not going to talk to me I'm going to talk to my orange" - Adam (my 14-year-old brother).

P.S March Porn Catalogue has arrived! Watch this space for funniest porn titles.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Political activists arrested on QUT Campus

(Proper post tomorrow - promise!)

Quoted from a message posted on the NUSQueer Yahoo! Group

Here is a leaflet the social justice collective are handing out at QUT today. Yesterday four students were arrested by the cops after security was called on the social justice collective by the student guild during market week. This is the culmination of sytematic harassment, intimidation and censorship by the university against activists in the collective in which the student guild has been complicit.

We think the fact that the guild called security who subsequently called the pigs on students who were mainly building a forum about black deaths in custody should also portray the seriousness of what occurred.

Free Speech on campus
No to QUT's Political Censorship

At QUT Kelvin Grove Market Day 2007, a group of QUT students held a Students for Social Justice stall on campus. The students were handing out pamphlets about an anti-war film screening and and a black deaths in custody forum - not an unusual occurrence on a university campus that's supposed to be a place of learning, enlightenment, and free thinking. On this day, though, the students had campus Security, and then the police, called on them. Four students were arrested from
behind the stall, forced into police wagons, and charged with contravening a police order directing them to leave their own campus for eight hours - an occurrence unheard of at any other university campus in Australia.

The students received no support from their own Student Guild, who, in the era of VSU, have decided to side with Security and ask students to have their political activity 'authorised' by the Guild President - a process which, in the past, has seen students asked to censor their material, for example, alter text on leaflets (e.g., 'Free Palestine' was banned in 2006), provide lists of speakers for political forums -
or face intimidation and threats.

This harassment of students holding political activities on campus is not new. In second semester 2006, at a Mamdouh Habib forum on campus organised by the QUT Social Justice collective, students were harassed and prevented from handing out leaflets and building the forum on campus, QUT staff were harassed for letting students talk about the forum in their lectures, and students were repeatedly told their was a 'blanket ban' on political activity on campus. QUT Security deemed
Mamdouh Habib, a former Guantanamo Bay detainee, a 'controversial figure', and the administration didn't want to see the forum go ahead. When it did, with attendance by 150 students, the issue of this harassment of students and staff, and the attempted censorship, was raised, and Security claimed they'd made no attempt to shut down the activity.

We think that students have a right to hold political stalls and activities on their campus without the university administration's permission, or have to submit to any order to censor or conservatise their material. The campaigns to end the war in Iraq, Free DavidHicks, and stop black deaths in custody, need your support on campus.
Join us in standing up to this blatant intimidation and harassment.

The right to campaign for Social Justice without censorship!
No QUT disciplinary action for arrested students!
No cops on campus!

From members of the QUT Social Justice Collective.
(Amy Thomas, Ellen Nicholas, Rob Nicholas, Lauren Mellor).